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Element 79 Vineyards

BBQ White Prawns

Old Bay & Tajin Seasoned, Wood-Fire Grilled

A Word From Chef Brian

Our BBQ White Prawns recipe epitomizes the joy of summer grilling. We use high-quality prawns and a specially blended mix of Old Bay and Tajin seasonings to achieve that perfect balance of flavors. Grilling over a natural wood fire adds a unique smoky complexity to the prawns, which makes this dish a crowd-pleaser. It's simple to prepare, yet it delivers a flavor profile that will leave you craving for more. Pair it with our Element 79 Estate “Abby” Rosé of Zinfandel to elevate your dining experience.

Wine Note from Estate Chef Brian Overhauser

This preparation has a lot of deep spicy notes but not too much heat. The complementing element of the wine should be fruit and I can think of no better wine than our Element 79 Estate “Abby” Rosé of Zinfandel. Its has both the fruit needed and just the right amount of backbone to cleans the spiciness from your mouth leaving a refreshing finish of young, light Zinfandel fruit.

Serves 4

2lb unpeeled Fresh 16-20 white prawns

1 jar Old Bay seasoning

1 jar Tajin

1 grill or fish basket with handel

2 tablespoons good olive oil


Light a natural wood fire 30 minutes before you prep Prawns.

Toss prawns with the olive oil to coat and then liberally sprinkle with equal parts Old Bay and Tajin. Let rest for 10 minutes.

With the grill basket open, lay out prawns evenly across the basket and then close to secure prawns.

Place the grill basket over your fire and make sure you do not flame up from the oil that will drip off during the cooking.

Cook 5 minutes on each side being carful not to overcook.

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