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Element 79 Vineyards

Club 79 Wine Club

Membership in Club 79 is free. You are not just joining Club 79; you are becoming a member of a lifestyle experience.  On top of enjoying our outstanding Element 79 Vineyards estate wines shipped to your doorstep 4 times a year, you’ll also receive exclusive wine tasting experiences, special event invitations, access to exclusive tasting at 2400 feet elevation with spectacular views and more, when you sign up. Welcome to “Club 79”.

Each quarter we choose the wines for your shipment, which you can take as-is or you can change it or add to it any way you want. 

We have 3 different club levels allowing you to pick what is best for you.

Club 79 - Gold Nuggets Level


Club 79 - Gold Brix Level


Club 79 - Mother Lode Level

We are not just a winery, we are a wine drinkers country club!