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Element 79 Vineyards

Wine Country Tapas

Wine Country Tapas is an original tasting concept developed by Chef Brian to address the need of wine enthusiast that are seeking a true wine and food pairing experience. Too often the wine industry relies on the old school of thinking that we should pick the wine that goes with what ever we are enjoying at the dinner table. That was the catalyst that pushed Chef Brian to collaborate in 2010 with his then wine maker Paul Clifton at Hahn Estate to work on a reverse pairing concept with small bites.

Wine Country Tapas

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The evolution of Wine Country Tapas has been one of the most well received tasting experiences by savvy wine consumers because by its very design it elevates the wine tasting profiles experience by consumers which is the direct result of enjoying Wine Country Tapas.

These recipes would be specifically developed to pair and bring out additional taste profiles with a given wine that would not be obvious to a taster without that unique Wine Country Tapas small bite!


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Wine Country Tapas



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