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Element 79 Vineyards


Cooking at Element 79 Vineyards and Winery

Estate Chef Brian Overhauser’s philosophy at Element 79 is to share a snapshot of the Fairplay AVA’s wine growing diversity on each plate, connecting the dish to the land whenever possible.

The Element 79 culinary team draws inspiration from the Sierra Highlands around the Element 79 Estate and along the Amador and El Dorado county lines where we forage fresh grape leaves, plants and herbs to incorporate into our daily menus. Using the freshest ingredients is a given in wine country, but the Element 79 culinary team goes even deeper, focusing on what elements can be added not only to bring flavor but to tell the story of Gold Country and Element 79.

There are many growing regions throughout Northern California that offer us a bounty different from ours, but local collaborations that capture a distinct sense of place has led us to partner with passionate farmers like Stacy O'Tool The Truffle Huntress for local Truffles and  PASSMORE to provide local fresh sturgeon and caviar… “The ultimate expression of local terroir.”